Challenging suspected falsified medical certificates

In Australia ‘sickies’ have become part of our identifiable culture. They are joked about with work mates and celebrated within social circles, but for businesses they are a serious problem, impacting both the productivity and profitability of an organisation. With a growing number of questionable medical certificates being used to access sick leave, many employers have been left wondering how they can challenge a falsified medical certificate without legal backlash.

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Casual Conversion on the Horizon

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has announced changes to Modern Awards, which will allow casual employees to request permanent employment.

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The rise of upward bullying: How employers can protect themselves from being bullied by employees

When we think of bullying in the workplace, we often picture an employer berating an employee. But more and more this traditional view around workplace bullying is being flipped with employees, who are well aware of their value, bullying the employer.

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Increases to the minimum wage

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The Fair Work Commission (Commission) announced yesterday that they had approved an increase to the national minimum wage (NMW) and minimum wages in Modern Awards by the largest amount in six years.

The announcement followed the FWC’s annual wage review decision, which outlined the wage increase that will take effect from the first full pay period commencing on or after the 1st of July 2017.

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