NB Lawyers Testimonials

Client Testimonials


We contacted Jonathan and his team to assist us with employee entitlement issues and to advise us on future employee work contracts.

Jonathan advised us on what our legal requirements were and assisted us in writing our future employee work contracts. We now have no staff employment issues and from an employer point of view are protected when staff choose to leave or are asked to leave. I can highly recommend Jonathan and his team for all your employment law requirements and business legal advice.

Peter Crickmore, Sales Manager, Samsung Communications Centre


NB Lawyers have helped our clients and us with many employment and commercial law matters. Personally, I’ve found Jonathan and his team very knowledgeable yet also easy to understand, which is an important quality when referring clients. They have a fast response time and tick all the boxes regarding scope, service, price and expectations. Like us, all of the clients we have referred have had nothing but great feedback for NB Lawyers.

Nick Hill, Director, Walker Hill Chartered Accountants


I’ve worked with NB Lawyers on a number of employment issues including fitness for work and return to work matters. I’ve always found the NB Lawyers team to provide sound advice, be thorough in their dealings, and be prompt in their communication.

Sandra Foerster, Executive General Manager – People & Culture, Apollo Motorhome Holidays


JMR IT engaged NB Lawyers to assist with employment contracts for our growing team. Taking the time to get to know our business, staff and customers, NB Lawyers created contracts that addressed our key concerns, protected our interests and clearly detailed KPIs. It was a quick and easy process and they kept us informed at every step of the way.

Josh Ryan, Director, JMR IT

Fire Risk Consultants

I asked the team at NB Lawyers to assist me with developing a consultancy agreement I could use as a template for locking in terms between my company and clients on the bigger, more complex jobs. I found NB Lawyers to be excellent. They have extensive experience in this type of product and worked with me to come up with a great final result. I would recommend them for this type of work.

Graeme Taylor, Director, Fire Risk Consultants

Global Interactive Logo

When you are working with a lawyer, you need to know they have your best interests at heart and consider themselves a long-term partner in your business. This is exactly how we felt with NB Lawyers when they were doing our business sale agreement and employment contracts. Their attention to detail and professionalism was outstanding and their accessibility and reliability was a constant reassurance that they had our backs through the entire process.

Josh Mitchell, General Manager, Totally Workwear Capalaba & Victoria Point

Global Interactive Logo

Global Interactive would just like to express our absolute gratitude and appreciation to NB Lawyers! Our company has grown at a fast rate over the last few years. This has forced us to use more and more legal help.

For the last three years we have used a number of firms for a whole variety of reasons. Over the last 12 months we can genuinely say that NB Lawyers are the only firm we have used and will continue to use.

Out of about 20 different instances that we have used the firm, we can confidently say that we have been happy with their service EVERY TIME!

NB Lawyers have shown us that they are true EXPERTS in their field, are prompt on responding as well as professional.

I highly recommend NB Lawyers, you don’t just get a legal team on your side, you get a firm that understands your needs and over delivers on your expectations.

Thanks again.

Danny Dimas, CEO, Global Interactive

NFP Logo

In 1993 Tex Perkins wrote: “Better get a lawyer son, better get a real good one!”. Everyone knows the best time to make friends with a lawyer is long before you need one. I was fortunate to meet Jonathan Mamaril, Principal and Director of NB Lawyers, long before either I or any of my NFP clients needed one. During the last two years Jonathan and his expert team have assisted my clients with corporate restructures, a volunteer fraud matter, IR advice and a property settlement for myself.

NB Lawyers: pro-active, professional and proficient with a breadth and depth of experience you can depend on.

Barry Schipplock, Managing Consultant, NFP Consultancy Services

White Lily Logo

We started working with Jonathan and his team at NB Lawyers last year. Not only have we found them to be professional and knowledgeable but also flexible and down-to-earth. It was refreshing to sit down with Jonathan and see his genuine interest in our business and our needs. This was a rare trait in our previous dealings with Law professionals and was a welcome change. NB Lawyers offered us a variety of options in term of billing structure and have always promptly replied to any queries we have. I would highly recommend the professional team at NB Lawyers.

Alera-Rae Kingham, White Lily Couture

Banks Lawyers

I can highly recommend Jonathan. As an employment lawyer he has assisted a number of my clients in difficult situations and the feedback from my clients has been always positive for his professionalism and advice.

Fred Banks, Lawyer/Director , Banks Lawyers Pty Ltd

RoundHouse Creative

Jonathan is very dedicated to what he does and consistently provides personalised, thoughtful & professional solutions to our clients needs. We have great trust in him and the team at NB Lawyers and highly recommend him to anyone.

Saul Edmonds, Creative Director, ROUNDHOUSE Creative

Story Bridge Adventures

Jonathan and NB Lawyers are extremely professional and take the time to really understand my business and the issues at hand. They find solutions and take the time to carefully explain all the details of their suggestions. I highly recommend anyone looking for some help in employment law and industrial relations.

Paul Lewin, Director, Paul Lewin Photography and CEO Story Bridge Adventures

Atom Power brisbane

Can I say I am really impressed with the quality of what you have provided? Compared with the interactions I had with the previous firm, you guys have been far superior. The advice feels tailored and specific. I look forward to continuing to work with you into the future. Thank you.

Seth Atkinson, Director, AtomPower

Vision Psychlogy

NB Lawyers provide an excellent service for business clients. The fees are reasonable and they are quick to respond to requests for information.

It’s great to have local businesses like NB Lawyers in Brisbane doing such a great job!

Vivian Jarrett, Director, Vision Psychology

cave coffee

My experience with NB Lawyers has been nothing short of first class.

They explained the whole process in a clear and assertive manner, ensuring that at all times my rights were protected and the overall costs were minimised. Hiring a lawyer can be a daunting exercise however the team at NB Lawyers clearly have the expertise to deal with all types of commercial legal issues.

Herschel Onno, Director, Cave Coffee

cytrack intelligence systems

I can heavily recommend their services.

Agnes the owner is a wonderful unique person with a great air of confidence and also can-do with professional advice and experience. I always enjoy my engagements with her. I will use them again for our needs.

Nick Milan, Director, Cytrack Intelligence Systems

blui security

They nailed the brief. I can’t speak highly enough of their efforts.

NB Lawyers put employment agreements together for our company. Their advice was spot on, fast and was precisely what we were looking for.

Bozidar Jovanovic, Managing Director, BLUi Security Australia

GMS workplace health safety

They got it done in under a week and well under budget.

NB Lawyers worked with me, support was outstanding, they held my hand through the whole process which was great.

Garry Mayfield – Smith, Director, GMS Workplace Safety

Brisbane Markets

Very happy with the work and very useful.

NB Lawyers were very thorough and were able to provide Benchmark training that was informative. Recently, a staff member was causing problems and his employment was terminated, with the information we learnt in the benchmark training I was able to understand my legal rights and avoid a potentially expensive unfair dismissal claim.

Fadi Chahla, Sales Co-Ordinator and Trainer, Garden Verde, Brisbane Markets

Speaking Testimonials


Jonathan has been a regular speaker at our events and is well received by our architects. He’s easy to work with, always willing to go the extra mile and delivers a high standard of content. Sharing valuable insights into employment law, Jonathan provides plenty of real-life examples that can easily be applied to the architecture industry.

Joyce Liu, Australian Institute of Architects


Jonathan’s presentation style is engaging; it takes no effort to listen or understand what he’s talking about even though it’s often around complicated aspects of employment law. He explains concepts in very practical ways and the substance of his presentation is always interesting and relevant to businesses and the everyday issues they face. On a personal level, I can also highly recommend Jonathan as a lawyer. He has a very high standard of work.

John Hebrard, TAFE Queensland


I had the opportunity to hear Jonathan speak at a Human Resources event. His presentation was insightful and relevant to the audience. What I liked most was that it catered to every level, it was advanced enough to appeal to those who have existing HR and industrial relations experience yet still easy enough to understand for those who are new to the industry.

Sandra Foerster, Executive General Manager – People & Culture, Apollo Motorhome Holidays

Happy Humans

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to co- facilitate a workshop luncheon with Jonathan to a select group of clients on proactive employee engagement in the workplace. As the founder of a small HR consultancy, my presentation focused on the proactive HR strategies of employee engagement, whilst Jonathan balanced my context with the legal implications of disengagement. We had a mixed bag of clients in the room from a vast array of industries, and Jonathan was easily able to tailor his communication to all levels of experience, background and legal understanding with such ease.

What struck me most about Jonathan’s presentation skills was his personal interaction with each and every person in the room. He made a huge effort to direct questions, content and examples to each business owner in order to give them the best opportunity to share their own experiences with the group and take some learnings from the session which were relevant to their own business. I perceived Jonathan as a very natural, fluent public speaker with a strong enthusiasm for the work he does and the clients he assists. His personable nature and authentic approach to communication reinforced Jonathan as an exemplary presenter and I would be humbled to work with him in future.

Bonnie Jones, Happy Humans

DW Mathers & Co.

Jonathan presents material in an easy to understand, engaging manner with useful examples of real life cases that he has researched. This allows audience members to easily relate these to their personal and business situations. His clear presentation style and ability to answers questions on the spot ensures any presentation delivered by him is a must-attend event.

Daniel Mathers, DW Mathers & Co.

Flett Consulting

I have enjoyed hearing Michelle speak on many occasions and have found she has a great knowledge of Employment Law, combining well-researched, practical and up to date content in a style that a layperson can understand. Her enthusiasm for answering questions on the spot, and ability to engage with her audience is both masterful and real. Driven to find the best outcome for everyone she works with, Michelle always has something of value and interest to say.

John Flett, Flett Consulting