Australian Institute of Architects: The Architecture of Cyber Security

Date: 28 Jun 2018
Time: 12.00pm – 1.30pm
Venue: North Shore Community Centre

Providing designs for Architects and Business Owners to build upon

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impacts of data leakage can do to your practice
  • Identify the different risks to your business
  • Explore different frameworks for Cyber security
  • Learn ways to manage and defend against cyber impacts

Guest Speaker 1: Ross Marsten, Ramtech

Ross is the Founder and Chief Security Strategist for Business Intelligence Security. He has over 30 years experience at InfoSec and also at Networking Engineering. He has a background as Surveyor but his main role is to present Cyber briefings to boards, CEO’s and Business leaders.

Guest Speaker 2: Jonathan Mamaril, NB Lawyers

Jonathan Mamaril is the principal and director of NB Lawyers, the lawyers for employers, and a specialist in employment law. Through NB Lawyers, Jonathan has helped hundreds of architects understand their legal requirements, manage change, mitigate risk and liability and protect their reputation.


Architects in the Sunshine Coast area will gain a lot from this presentation and will also obtain CPD points.


ProTrade Work Smart Summit 2018

Date: 1 June 2018
Time: 7.00am – 12.30pm
Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

For most trades business owners, working long hours and forgoing quality time with family and friends is far too common.

Business owners are often stretched to keep up with the increasing demands of managing multiple projects, quoting/estimating, team supervision and cash flow headaches.

Now, there is nothing wrong with working hard – it’s admirable and often times necessary, however imagine instead that you are simply working smart.

Discover how to streamline your business to all but banish paperwork, empower your team so that you can reduce your hours on the tools, all whilst growing your business to have a strong future.

Guest Speaker: Jonathan Mamaril, Principal & Director of NB Lawyers

Presenting at 8.15am on the topic of Managing your Financial Risk & Protecting your Ass-ets.

It’s often not until something goes wrong that you start to understand the unnecessary risk and liability you’ve exposed yourself to by not having proper or up-to-date contracts in place. Jonathan will show you how to mitigate risk through concise employment contracts & work agreements – prevention rather than cure.


Speaking Testimonials

Happy Humans

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to co- facilitate a workshop luncheon with Jonathan to a select group of clients on proactive employee engagement in the workplace. As the founder of a small HR consultancy, my presentation focused on the proactive HR strategies of employee engagement, whilst Jonathan balanced my context with the legal implications of disengagement. We had a mixed bag of clients in the room from a vast array of industries, and Jonathan was easily able to tailor his communication to all levels of experience, background and legal understanding with such ease.

What struck me most about Jonathan’s presentation skills was his personal interaction with each and every person in the room. He made a huge effort to direct questions, content and examples to each business owner in order to give them the best opportunity to share their own experiences with the group and take some learnings from the session which were relevant to their own business. I perceived Jonathan as a very natural, fluent public speaker with a strong enthusiasm for the work he does and the clients he assists. His personable nature and authentic approach to communication reinforced Jonathan as an exemplary presenter and I would be humbled to work with him in future.

Bonnie Jones, Happy Humans

DW Mathers & Co.

Jonathan presents material in an easy to understand, engaging manner with useful examples of real life cases that he has researched. This allows audience members to easily relate these to their personal and business situations. His clear presentation style and ability to answers questions on the spot ensures any presentation delivered by him is a must-attend event.

Daniel Mathers, DW Mathers & Co.

Flett Consulting

I have enjoyed hearing Michelle speak on many occasions and have found she has a great knowledge of Employment Law, combining well-researched, practical and up to date content in a style that a layperson can understand. Her enthusiasm for answering questions on the spot, and ability to engage with her audience is both masterful and real. Driven to find the best outcome for everyone she works with, Michelle always has something of value and interest to say.

John Flett, Flett Consulting