Recent Fair Work Woes – Annual leave for casual employees

Casual employees may get paid more on an hourly rate in exchange for amongst other things the inability to gain access to “paid” annual leave. A recent case however may cast some doubt on this.

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James Gunn, Twitter and Instagram to Insta-Dismissal

Being a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy you can’t imagine a third movie being released without James Gunn (director) at the helm. The man responsible for bringing “Rocket Racoon” and “Groot” to the big screen was

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Could an employee be cheating on you? Six ways to protect your business from staff misconduct

As your business grows and you bring on more staff you can begin to experience a wide range of employment issues including misconduct and serious misconduct.

When you think of misconduct the obvious examples of

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When they’re not “the one”: How to prevent, manage and terminate underperforming employees

Staff underperformance, whether it is due to personal issues, workplace conflict, change fatigue or being actively disengaged, can have significant repercussions on your bottom line, culture and overall performance.

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The 7 must-have policies to boost staff productivity and accountability

Have you ever wondered how much poor performance and productivity is costing your business? It can be an uncomfortable thought, can’t it? While your team can be your greatest asset, in some

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Why you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball when it comes to old contracts

Employers may be exposing themselves to unnecessary risk due to old employment contracts that have not been updated to reflect their current policies.

A recent decision in the Brisbane District Court has seen former Wallabies coach John Connolly

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