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What if there is no Will? 3 Key Points of Intestacy Laws Explained

By NB Lawyers | May 20, 2022 |

Having a love one pass away is an emotionally traumatic and stressful event. The stress can be made worse when there is no valid will in place. Having no valid will can cause extended time delays in distributing the estate as the rules for dealing with an estate with no will have strict rules to…

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The Name Game: Business, Company, Domain & Trademarks 

By NB Lawyers | February 3, 2022 |

Imagine spending thousands on signage, websites and emails to find out that you cannot use any of it? What about if someone decides to copy you? Is the business you have been building protected? Ensuring your ownership over your business name and brand is a simple process when starting a business. Taking these measures to…

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2021-2022 New Requirement For Australian Company Directors – Director Identification Number

By NB Lawyers | December 20, 2021 |

If you are a Director of a company, a registered Australian body, registered foreign company or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation, you are now required to have a Director Identification Number (director ID). Key takeaway: Existing and prospective directors should consider applying for a director ID as soon as practical, to avoid inconvenience and…

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A Comprehensive Guide: Scaffolding Taxation in Employee Share Schemes

By NB Lawyers | August 18, 2021 |

Employee share schemes (ESS) are an incentive tool used by employers in Australia to –        attract and retain employees that provide value to their employer; whilst –        allowing the employee to be personally and financially invested in the employer’s business success. Where an employee receives shares from their employer at a discount, that discount amount…

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Due Diligence 101 – Before Buying an Australian Business

By NB Lawyers | June 21, 2021 |

A due diligence investigation is an important step when purchasing a business in Australia and is a key component to ensure a successful acquisition and handover. By completing an in-depth look at the running operations, buyers are more possible to determine the value, associated risks and ongoing potential of the business. Due Diligence Guide For…

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