Commercial Law

Vendor finance: buy and sell without the bank

By NB Lawyers | March 2, 2020 |
vendor finance

There are situations in which a bank loan is not a possibility when purchasing a business, property or other asset. This may occur because the buyer is unable or unwilling to secure a bank loan for the requested purchase price. However, the seller may be eager to sell their asset and be willing to come…

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Undocumented loans between friends and family

By NB Lawyers | January 13, 2020 |
undoumented loans

Undocumented loans between friends and family It is very common to advance money to a friend or family member for a business or personal expense where they are in financial need. These loans are often verbal without a specified date for repayment. Employers may also lend a sum of money to an employee or other…

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Facility Management Arrangements – A new way to deal with “Contractors”

By NB Lawyers | July 26, 2019 |

Facility Management Arrangements may well be a new way for dealing with “contractors” for those in health and allied health sectors. Those who own businesses in the fields of: Doctors, dentists, chiropractors, speech pathology, physiotherapy, optometry; audiology; occupational therapy should take note of the potential to utilise facility management arrangements. Employees are entitled to the…

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Early Termination of an Employsure contract

By NB Lawyers | June 26, 2019 |

Employsure have taken the business world by storm providing workplace relations support to business owners and employers using a marketing and sales process that is quite compelling and disrupting the HR space to a large extent. However the experience of some of our clients has found a gap between expectations and the practical realties of…

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Property Co-Owner Disputes: Forcing A Sale Of The Property

By NB Lawyers | May 7, 2019 |

Disputes between Co-owners of property are not uncommon. Most of us have at least known someone who has encountered problems with co-owned property. Take the following archetypical example: The last survivor of your parents have passed away leaving the family home or a cherished holiday house to you and your siblings. For the first few…

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