Employment Law

Working from Home – The Forced Hand of the Coronavirus

By NB Lawyers | March 27, 2020 |

The Coronavirus has had a number of unexpected (and expected) ripple effects in the workplace.–         Pay cuts–         Stand downs–         Redundancy–         Government Assistance and Stimulus packages–         Social Distancing–         Increase in Microsoft teams and Zoom use–         Sourcing a webcam been a bit more difficult–         Who should stay in the office and who should work from home Working from home is not a new phenomenon and…

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Redundancy, Pay Cuts and Stand Down in the face of the Coronavirus

By NB Lawyers | March 20, 2020 |

Pay Cuts? Stand Down?  Redundancy? This is a difficult time we are currently in as we see clients, friends of the firm and connections take hit after hit during this time of pandemic status of the coronavirus.  No doubt there will be a plethora of opportunity for Employers after this outbreak is satiated however in…

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Wage Theft – the new compliance fear for Employers

By NB Lawyers | March 18, 2020 |

Underpayment of wages by major companies has led to a term being coined “wage theft”.  In particular, there has been a push by Unions as well as the Federal and State Governments to put in place criminal penalties for underpayment of wages – wage theft. Woolworths Coles Subway Commonwealth Bank Made Establishment (George Colambaris) Dominos…

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Coronavirus in the Workplace – What do Employers do?

By NB Lawyers | March 11, 2020 |

The Coronavirus has impacted a number of clients in various fields that rely upon travel, business in Asia, retail and manufacturing.  We have had a number of clients asking for guidance as to what to do in these troubled times.  The question needs to be asked – what do Employers do? A number of Coronavirus…

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Long running jokes – is it sexual harassment? An Employment Lawyer’s answer

By NB Lawyers | March 10, 2020 |
sexual harassment

As an employment lawyer and part of a law firm that represents employers in employment law I am regularly challenged by numerous people, be it – clients, managers, supervisors, consultants, accountants, other lawyers with different specialties, and even friends in regards to the complex issues around sexual harassment and workplace bullying. It will usually go…

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