Employment Law

SPC Process their way to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all staff and visitors (8 challenges for Employers to consider)

By NB Lawyers | August 5, 2021 |

Cannery manufacturing processor SPC has become the first Australian business outside of the prime areas of Aged Care, Child Care and Health to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all staff and visitors. We have already provided guidance and viewpoints on this particular topic in the articles Will Directing An Employee To Take The Vaccine Be Held…

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How to get your Business “Olympic ready” for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games? (6 Employment Law obligations you need to be aware of)

By NB Lawyers | August 4, 2021 |

A big announcement was made recently as Brisbane, Queensland, Australia was awarded the right to host the Olympic Games in 2032.  This is an amazing result – with the thoughts of the tourism that it will attract and the world’s best athletes frequenting places like the “Gabba”.  What gets missed out in the conversation is…

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How to make a Modern Award? Menulog attempt to formalise the gig economy industry – 3 steps to consider for emerging industries and Employers

By NB Lawyers | August 2, 2021 |

Food delivery business Menulog has recently commenced an application[1] in the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) to make a modern award specifically for the ‘on demand delivery services industry’. By way of a summary, the industry is said to be servicing the collection and delivery of food, beverages, goods or any other items, on an…

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NDIS Support Providers – Overlap risks in being both an NDIS support provider and an employer (3 Need to Knows)

By NB Lawyers | July 29, 2021 |

Many National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support providers do not realise the risk involved in navigating the disability support industry and its underpinning framework. This is particularly relevant as NDIS support providers are often also employers.    The NDIS is a government-run program designed to assist people with disabilities. Recently, NB Lawyers – Lawyers for…

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5 Key Risks all Advisors need to know about Termination of Employment

By NB Lawyers | July 27, 2021 |

A number of consultants, advisors, accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches have asked us recently about termination of employment.  In particular, what are some of the issues to understand so that Employer’s risk and liability can be mitigated and even dissipated. 1. Unfair Dismissal Risk For many advisors there is an understanding of unfair dismissal and…

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