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At NB Lawyers, we’re specialists in Commercial and Business law.

We understand the complexities of commercial endeavours, and how important it is to have an experienced and insightful legal team ready to navigate your organisation through the myriad requirements of operating and expanding a business.

We also understand entrepreneurship—because we’re entrepreneurs too. We understand the special needs of start-up businesses, and what it takes to give them a head start in their markets. We understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into building a new enterprise from a great idea, and it’s the labour of love at the heart of Australian business ownership.

That’s why we deliver fast and cost-effective legal services for commercial and business clients of all sizes—across retail, franchise, wholesale and distribution, and manufacturing sectors—in:


Commercial Leases: including preparing, drafting, and advising on agreements for lease, leases, heads of agreement, subleases and licenses; and providing conveyancing across hospitality, retail, commercial and industrial property sectors.

Business Sales and Purchases: including negotiating and preparing business purchase contracts, registering business names, structuring business entities, assistance with financing, negotiating terms and conditions of trade, and restructuring.

General Commercial Law: including commercial mediation and alternative dispute resolution for contractual and shareholders negotiations and disputes, consumer protection, navigating Company and Corporations Law, attending to intellectual property matters, and managing debt collection.

Franchising: including delivering legal advice, and liaising with professionals—across accounting, business coaching, IT, marketing, finance and insurance—to negotiate leases and franchising agreements, and resolve disputes, for both franchisors and franchisees.

Administrative Law: including advice and representation in matters involving Social Security Appeals Tribunal (Child Support Applications), Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal, Disciplinary Hearings (Police, Medical Practitioners, Nurses, Engineers, Teachers and other professionals), Professional Misconduct, Decisions of the Local, State of Federal Government, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Privacy, Freedom of Information and Ombudsman, and QCAT.


NB Lawyers would love to be a reliable partner in your business’s stability and future growth. Whether you’re changing the directions of an established organisation, or you’re sowing the first seeds of a brand new enterprise, contact us to find out how we can help your business thrive and grow in a competitive global market.

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