Employment Contracts & Contractor Agreements

Employment Contracts & Contractor Agreements

An employment contract is a written agreement between an employer and employee. They are integral to every employment relationship and the terms and conditions of employment are set out in an employment contract.

What We Do

We tailor all our employment contracts to a Company’s budget, industry and type of employee. In essence, we provide practical advice on developing or reviewing an employment contract with your particular business in mind.

Our workplace relations and employment law team provide advice on simple and complex issues such as:

  • Modern Award implications
  • Pay rates and wages
  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Off set clauses
  • Confidential Information
  • Standards
  • Special Conditions of Employment
  • Restraints of Trade

Labour Hire Legal Services & Labour Agreements

Our services also extend to Labour Hire  including providing short- or long-term labour hire from a labour supplier or individual workers; giving advice to host firms and agencies regarding labour agreements; mitigating statutory liability risk to companies and agencies; advising on the benefits and risks of labour hire.

Services of Labour Hire

Labour hire refers to various services provided by the agency and it can be defined by the following:

  • Providing short- or long-term labour to a principal;
  • Total function in a workplace performed by the labour supplier; or
  • Referral of individual workers.

What We Do

The workplace relations and employment law team provide advice to agencies and host firms in relation to all parts of the process of the labour agreement.

It is important that labour hire agreements are drafted in a way to protect companies and agencies alike from statutory liability. We can assist in mitigating these risks.

Industrial relations instruments such as Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements may have a significant impact on terms and conditions and we pride ourselves on providing risk management and statutory compliance solutions.


We also advise employers on the advantages and disadvantages of engaging a contractor for labour hire purposes.

We assist employers navigate the sometimes onerous obligations on Companies in engaging contractors and avoid the pitfalls of “sham” contracting arrangements.