Enterprise Agreements

Types of Enterprise Agreements

Approval processes for enterprise agreements vary depending on the type of agreement. There are three types:


Single-enterprise agreements – involving a single employer or one or more employers (such as in a joint venture) co-operating in what is essentially a single enterprise (such employers are known as single interest employers).


Multi-enterprise agreements – involving two or more employers that are not all single interest employers.


Greenfields agreements – involving a genuinely new enterprise that one or more employers are establishing or propose to establish and who have not yet employed persons necessary for the normal conduct of the enterprise. Such agreements may be either a single-enterprise agreement or a multi-enterprise agreement.

What we do

There are many complex aspects in dealing with enterprise agreements we provide practical legal advice for all stages of the process including:

  1. drafting an enterprise agreement
  2. pre-approved steps
  3. negotiations with trade unions
  4. preparing essential statutory documents such as the notice of representational rights
  5. the ballot process
  6. arbitration in the Fair Work Commission (if required)