Workplace Strategy Advice & Legal Compliance

Workplace Strategy Advice & Legal Compliance

Obtaining legal advice on your workplace strategies is integral especially given the fundamental changes in how we view work in this digital, technology and entrepreneurial age. We provide practical and concise legal advice on the following:


  • Labour Hire;
  • Contractors;
  • Offshoring;
  • Casual Employment;
  • Consultants;
  • Full-time and part-time employment;
  • Outsourcing; and
  • Gig economy workers.


Workplaces are now using a mix of the above types of workers to develop their own workplace strategy. Employers are encouraged to seek specific advice regarding their workforce. This may include hiring staff using an unusual or unique contract, or alternatively moving workers to a different system or process that requires its own legal strategy, framework and documentation. Getting advice on the strategy as soon as possible will assist with growth and mitigate financial loss.


One aspect of workplace strategy is ensuring that you're also legally compliant. For example, engaging with seasonal workers and gig economy workers, this can include misrepresentation, allegations of sham contracting, and underpayment of wages. Such allegations can lead to significant fines and penalties. Ensuring you understand the legal risk, as well as the commercial risk, is important in making decisions about your workplace and workforce planning strategy.


NB Lawyers- Lawyers for Employers can assist with providing practical strategic workplace advice which mitigates risk and liabilities and fosters growth