Workplace Lawyers Brisbane

At NB Lawyers, our HR Consultants, who are also legally trained, appreciate the complexities businesses experienced, trying to traverse the workplace landscape dealing with not only workplace disputes but interpreting legislation and dozens of instruments governing employee rights and entitlements. We devote a part of our firm to employment and workplace relations law ensuring we always provide our clients accurate and updated advise. To minimise the risks with having to deal with workplace disputes, our range of HR services enable employers to manage their risks under the Fair Work Act, or State legislation providing them with accurate commercial advice on workplace relations issues. When necessary, we also assist employers on processes and procedures when they are trying to represent themselves.


Many small and medium business operators do not have an in-house HR person to ensure they are operating according to employment law and OH & S regulations, or alternatively have internal HR teams which require some support.  As a result of this, we have introduced our external based HR services which are growing in popularity and a strong alternative.


Our Business Consulting Model

The systems that we design for your business are based on discussions with you, asking the right questions, working closely with you and your staff to identify problems or potential problems and performing an analysis on your business using our auditing tools. This will allow our consultants to then devise a road map for improvement and your business' future sustainability. Our business consulting model ensures that we capture all the necessary information and data to properly provide our professional advice.

business consulting model

The success of your organisation and the satisfaction of your customers depend on having productive employees with the right skills and experience, working together respectfully in a safe and supportive environment. At NB Lawyers (HR Legal Services) our consultants help you maintain this balance by delivering expert advice and representation in managing the human resources and employment law matters. We cater to all size and styles of business in many different industry groups.  Our HR Consultants have had years of experience in assisting, advising and partnering with businesses to improve and change the ways things are done.  Our HR Legal services provide you with a choice of either a three-month, six month or twelve-month program.


Our services include advice and support with but not limited to:

  • Employee behaviour and management programs;
  • Policies and procedures;
  • Employment records and contracts;
  • Recruitment and selections;
  • Attractions and retention strategies;
  • Termination of employment;
  • Management training and mentoring;
  • Employee terms and conditions;
  • Discrimination, harassment, and bullying;
  • Leave and absence management; and
  • Redundancy and restructuring.


In addition, we will also:

  • Lead initial discussions (to ascertain your objectives)
  • Conduct a full HR Business Compliance Audit
  • Develop an HR Business Plan/Strategy (to meet your objectives)
  • Organise Regular Meetings (as and when required with you)
  • Provide on-site and offsite HR Support
  • Manage all your disciplinary and grievance issues
  • Prepare Termination of Employment Advice
  • Represent you any legal proceeding (separate costing)
  • Conduct Management Training & Mentoring with your team
  • Attend to unlimited phone and email support
  • Draft Written Legal Advices when required