Mediation or Trial?

In times of significant conflict, a trial can be seen as the best option moving forward. While it is needed in some cases, it isn’t required for all. Outcomes available at trial can often be limited, and there can be risks including prohibitive legal costs and lengthy court delays.

Mediation allows the parties to resolve a dispute by settling with the assistance of a mediator. Mediation may occur at any time before trial; in the early stages of a dispute or after the disclosure stage in a proceeding. The parties may reach an agreement outside of the parameters of what may be achieved at trial and concerning commercial interests.

Mediation is also valuable in the initial stages of employment disputes whether between staff, the employer and employee or company directors and for a wide range of other issues in which a resolution is required for the parties to move forward.

Our Special Counsel, Regina Michaletos, is known for her extensive experience and positive outcomes as a commercial litigation lawyer; particularly as a trial lawyer, and for her work in precedent setting cases. These days she is part of the commercial team and works closely with our clients to, as far as possible, prevent commercial disputes, which lead to litigation.

Regina is passionate about protecting and advocating for the business community; from small firms which are growing, to large organisations with other challenges. But what you may not be aware of is that Regina is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator, which allows her to assist parties in resolving disputes outside of court.

If you are heading into this year with conflict, and are concerned about the risks of taking it to trial, please contact Regina Michaletos on +61 (07) 3876 5111 for a confidential discussion on how you may be able to reach a resolution outside of court.

Jonathan Mamaril
Principal and Director
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