Lifestyle Therapies

Jonathan and the team at NB lawyers are exceptional to speak to. I feel like there is a standard personality for a solicitor, and the team don’t have that. They are personable and approachable, and despite being on board with them for a short time, we already have a great relationship with them.

Their most significant point of difference, in my opinion, is in the style of the offering they provide businesses with. It’s not a standard fee for service; it is a targeted offering highly customised to what a business needs and where it is headed. I’ve seen nothing else out there like it. They have become a part of our team and not only answer our legal questions but provide for our business needs.

– Catherine McIntyre, Business Manager, Lifestyle Therapies


NB Lawyers are approachable, good communicators, and really take the time to build a relationship with you. I like that you deal with the one person who manages your issue from start to completion and continues to work with you until you are satisfied.

I also like how they create a space where you can be free to ask the ‘silly questions’, and they keep explaining until they know you understand. You can only have that kind of back and forth with someone you trust, and I have that with the NB Lawyers team.

– Renee Cansdale, Director, Let’s Talk Let’s Eat


NB Lawyers provide an excellent service for business clients. The fees are reasonable and they are quick to respond to requests for information.

It’s great to have local businesses like NB Lawyers in Brisbane doing such a great job!

– Vivian Jarrett, Director, Vision Psychology